AquaTech Novus Cleaning & Scratch Remover Kit

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Keep your underwater camera housing’s plastic lens ports looking clear and sharp with AquaTech’s NOVUS Cleaning and Scratch Remover Kit. This package bundles three polishes: the #1 Plastic Clean & Shine, #2 Fine Scratch Remover, and #3 Heavy Scratch Remover. Together, these ingredients form a complete recipe for surface restoration on the plastic front element of a housing’s lens port.

Polish #1 is an anti-fog, anti-static, and dust-repellent solution that can be used to clean, shine, and protect all types of plastic surfaces. Polish #2 keeps plastic looking new by removing fine scratches and haziness. When damage is more severe, use #3 to take care of heavy scratches and abrasions. This #3 solution is also formulated to prepare the surface for treatment with #2. Each of the three polishes comes in a 2-oz bottle.

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