Chasing Gladius Mini Submersible Drone with 100m Tether with Backpack



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Meet the world’s first 5-thruster mini-size underwater drone with Intelligent Control algorithms. Enjoy real-time 4K UHD video and 12 MP photos from up to 330-foot depths.

Dive down, rise-up, hover, tilt, and turn with precision. Three vertical propellers combined with intelligent control algorithms ensure the stability of the drone in all directions while two thrusters propel GLADIUS MINI at speeds up to 4Knots (2m/s).

dimension (in): 15.1 x 8.8 x 5.4

weight (kg): 2.5

depth (ft): 328

camera: 4K

thruster: five thrusters

pilot mode: depth preset/stabilize mode /± 45° tilt adjustable

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