Cosmo Ride Bike and Urban Mobility Smart Light



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More Safety on the Road

The Cosmo Ride is one of the safest helmet rear lights on offer. With a mix of red and orange LEDs that provide an 80 lumen output, the Cosmo Ride features a range of lighting options to keep you safe. Use the signal remote to activate turn signals on the Cosmo Ride to clearly indicate without your hands having to leave your handlebars. The light also features a brake light function when mounted on your seatpost, with an internal accelerometer detecting when you slow down. The Cosmo Ride can also be used as a traditional rear light in the continuous Position light mode, with a brightness sensor adapting automatically to the ambient light and adjusting the intensity as required to keep you visible.

The Smart Light

In addition, the Cosmo Ride also provides assistance in the unfortunate case of an accident. In-built accelerometers and gyroscopes within the light detects if you crash. By connecting your Cosmo Ride to the Cosmo app on your phone, you can set emergency contacts to be contacted automatically if the light detects you’ve had an accident. The app can also be used instead of the signal remote to trigger lighting functions.

Versatile Mounting

The Cosmo Ride can be mounted easily to your helmet or your bike’s seatpost, using the supplied brackets and elastic straps, making it great for use no matter how you commute around. The remote can be mounted to your handlebars to keep the amazing functions of the Cosmo Ride within easy reach.

• Turn signals (control by application, GPS, or remote control)
• Brake light (only for lights positioned on seat tube)
• Warning light
• Position light (continuous ignition of intermediate intensity)
• Fall detection and alert of family and friends
• Brightness sensor (adapts to the luminosity)


• Max output: 80 lumens
• 900mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery (built to last 8 hours, may vary depending on the use)

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