LIVALL Road Bike Helmet BH60 NEO PNB (Black)

SKU: EL00969
  • 280g net weight
  • 55-61cm shell size
  • Lights: Smart lighting, full colour LED taillights, turn indicators, brake warning lights
  • 3hs charging time
  • 3.7V 450mAh battery
  • 10hr battery endurance for lighting, 3-6hrs (music and lighting)


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Livall smart helmets: Where safety meets innovation.

This next-level smart helmet by Livall features brake warning lights, fall detection, smart lighting and magnetic charging capabilities. Connect it to the Livall app to easily check the status of its battery.

Smart lighting

Smart lighting integrates with this helmet’s brake sensor to trigger warning lights. Its adaptive technology ensures you remain visible in dark conditions. Operate LED turn signals via the handlebar remote control.

Emergency contacts: Fall detection and SOS

In the event of an accident, the emergency system can kick in and send your GPS location to your specified emergency services contacts. If you’re ever experiencing distress during your ride, press the red button for 5 seconds and your GPS location will be sent to your emergency contacts.

Hands-free phone calls

Answer phone calls using the remote control and enjoy clear sound with built-in Bluetooth speakers and windproof microphone.

PPT Walkie talkie

Easily communicate with your fellow cyclists and scooterists using the walkie-talking function during group rides.

Voice navigation

Listen to GPS voice navigation via the built-in speakers, connected to your smartphone.

One-click voice command

When your remote control is connected to your smart helmet, and your helmet is connected to your smartphone, click the “intercom” button on the remote control to activate your smartphone’s voice assistant services.

Brake warning light

This helmet comes with an activated brake warning light when the built-in accelerometer sensor detects a significant deceleration. The rear lights enhance for a few seconds to draw attention from surrounding traffic.

Anti-loss alarm

The helmet’s anti-loss alarm is prompted when it is connected to the Livall riding app and the distance between your smartphone and the helmet exceeds 15m. Both the helmet and your smartphone will trigger an alarm to alert you.

Battery status

The remaining battery of your helmet is shown by the number of the first row of LEDs that are displayed when the helmet is initially turned on. Full battery is indicated when all the LEDs are on.

Auto on/off

The helmet will turn off automatically when it’s disconnected from your phone. It automatically turns on when it moves.

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