Segway Ninebot E45



Available on back-order

Real-Time LED Display

Provides instant feedback of speed, battery percentage, and other critical data.

Three Speed Modes

The E45 easily allows you to switch between three different modes; No “S” Icon for speed limited mode / White “S” Icon for standard speed mode / Red “S” Icon for maximum speed mode. Allowing you to adjust your maximum speed on the go.

Triple Brake System

The new Triple Brake System combines electronic, electromagnetic, and rear braking to provide a safer experience and more effective braking distance


MAX speed: 30km/h
Typical range: 45km
Triple Brake System (Electronic Front and Rear Brakes + Press Brake)
One-Step Folding For Easy Storage
Max.slope: about 20%
Payload: 100kg
Nominal power 300W
Charge time: about 6h
IP rating: IPX4
Net weight: 16.4kg